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R42 Institute AI Summer Program 

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Summer Program by R42 Institute.



  • Dates: June 23-July 16 or July 21-August 13 (4 weeks)

  • Days of the Week: every Tuesday and Thursday 

  • Time: 8-10am PST / 4-6pm BST / 5-7pm CET


Lecture 1: Broad Overview of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

  • How does a neural network work? 

  • Perceptrons, neural networks with real numbers

  • Playing with Tensorflow Playground

Lecture 2: Advanced Neural Networks

  • Convolutional neural networks, LSTMs, end-to-end neural networks

  • Playing with Google Collab Neural Network applications

  • Evaluating AI Systems, over and under fitting

Lecture 3: What is Human-Centered AI

  • Applications: speech recognition, handwriting recognition, climate change

  • Reinforcement learning

  • Generative Adversarial Networks

  • AI for mobile phones

Lecture 4: Natural Language Processing and Understanding

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Cognitive Architecture

Lecture 5: AI in Healthcare (Part 1)

  • Wearables

  • AI for Longevity Science

  • “Ethics of Data”

Lecture 6: AI in Healthcare (Part 2)

  • AI for drug discovery

  • AI for mental health

  • Brain Machine Interfaces

  • Privacy and ethics

  • AI reproducibility and AI bias

Lecture 7: Boundaries of Humanity - Intelligence in Humans, Machines and Animals

  • Consciousness and AI

  • Future of AI, where is strong AI going to come from?

  • AI Careers

Lecture 8: How to Run an AI project

  • AI competitiveness

  • Investing in AI

  • Societal implications of AI

  • Wrap Up – Q&A


The Course Includes:

  • Slack channel for Course participants

  • Zoom Breakout Rooms with Course participants during Lectures

  • Homework and readings for each Lecture

  • Continuous mentoring throughout the duration of the Course

  • A unique opportunity to connect and grow your network

  • R42 Institute certificate for completion of Final Term Paper (optional)


The Course is Suitable For:

  • General public​, from students to executives

  • Non-engineers and engineers who want an on-ramp to AI 

  • People who Interact with AI engineers and Biotech scientists – Marketing, HR,

  • Finance

  • Venture capitalists​

  • People who work for an AI company but are not in an AI implementation function​ - Marketing, Strategy, Finance, HR, Product Management

  • Policy makers, strategists, entrepreneurs who want to build AI and Healthcare products and want to understand the potential and imitations

  • AI engineers who want to learn how to explain AI and Biology in simple terms to their colleagues and be exposed to wider AI and Biology concepts and tools


Meet the Instructors:

  • Dr. Ronjon Nag: Dr. Ronjon Nag is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is founder of R42Group which invents and invests. He is a founder and advisor/board member of multiple start-ups. His companies have been sold to Apple, BlackBerry, and Motorola. He has been awarded the Mountbatten Medal in the Royal Institution by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and has been winner (Bounce Imaging-Chairman) of the $1m Verizon Powerful Answers Award. He has been a pioneer of smartphones and the 'app stores' they depend on. He has worked on neural networks, touch screens, mobile search, voice recognition, text prediction and handwriting recognition. Major achievements: Invented new systems for interacting with mobile devices – predictive text, handwriting, and speech recognition resulting in a billion installs; invented app stores in 2000, resulting in billions of downloads. He has a PhD from Cambridge University, an MS from MIT and a BSc. from Birimingham University. Additionally, he is a Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Interdisciplinary Fellow based at the Stanford Center for Language and Information (CSLI).  


  • Anastasiya Giarletta: Anastasiya Giarletta is a Principal at R42 and manages an extensive business network spanning deep technology and rapidly growing longevity biotech industries in the UK and US. As a specialist in the early stage longevity biotech ecosystem, she connects and advises venture funds, angels, and entrepreneurs. She also leads the efforts of R42 Institute. Anastasiya holds a degree in Management and Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews.

  • Industry Experts and Leaders in AI: Course will feature leaders and experts in AI that are working at companies at the cutting edge of innovation.