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AI for Longevity and Healthcare - October 3, 2020 


This course will additionally feature masterclass lecturers who are leaders in the AI and healthcare/longevity space. This will be a highly curated set of talks, in masterclass format, starting from basics and going to cutting edge theories.


Masterclass lecturers:


- Dr. Ronjon Nag, Founder R42 InstituteInterdisciplinary Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow, founded and advisor of AI and Biotech companies. Has sold companies to Motorola, BlackBerry and Apple.


- Dr. David Brown, Co-founder of Healx, Co-Inventor of Viagra, formerly Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, GSK, Roche 


- Professor Lorna Harries, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Exeter University


- Professor Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of Genetics and Director of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine

This course starts from the very basics explaining what exactly is AI, Gene-editing, DNA and RNA, and ending with cutting edge theories on longevity and healthcare. How are medicines created and how do AI-healthcare tecnologies work and what are the ethical risks. This is a one day course which will demystify artificial intelligence and longevity biotechnologies for executives, investors, biologists, product managers, and software engineers yet expose cutting edge current theories. The course is accessible to all levels of experience and will also give an opportunity to network with executives, investors and entrepreneurs. This curated one day event will be held at a beautiful venue of historical significance in central London. Capacity will be limited.

Additionally, there will be a 'Jeffersonian' dinner in the evening with the lecturers and a small group of guests to discuss AI and Healthcare opportunities. Capacity is 14 guests and limited to the course participants.


Course Outline: 8am - 6pm

8am - 9am: Registration and Networking 

9am - 10.30am: Lecture 1 - Dr. Ronjon Nag, Founder R42 Institute, Interdisciplinary Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow

Basics of AI, Longevity and Healthcare

  • How does AI work and how can it applied to modern genomics and healthcare ?

  • How does gene editing work and will it become mainstream ?

  • Does calorie restriction work ? 

  • Other theories to enhance longevity: Enhancing human immunity with the thymus, GDF-11

  • Societal issues of longevity. Can AI and Biotechnology make us less "human"

  • Evaluating ageing theories​

10.30am - 11am: Coffee Break

11am - 12.30pm: Lecture 2 - Professor Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of Genetics and Director of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine

Personalized Medicine

  • Personalized Medicine

  • Glucotypes, Ageotypes and Exposomes

  • Stanford iPOP program

  • Does gene sequencing tell us anything about aging ?​

12.30pm - 1.30pm: Lunch Break

1.30pm - 3pm: Lecture 3 - Dr. David Brown, Co-founder of Healx, Co-Inventor of Viagra, formerly Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, GSK, Roche

Longevity Thoughts and AI for Drug Discovery

  • Longevity Thoughts

  • Rare Disease Drug Discovery

  • Drug Repurposing

  • Drug Discovery Economics

  • Drug discovery using AI

3pm - 3.30pm: Coffee Break

3.30pm - 5pm: Lecture 4 -  Professor Lorna Harries, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Exeter University:

Cutting Edge Theories of Aging

  • Hallmarks of aging - description and biology. Basic health maintenance mechanisms, common roots of age related diseases.

  • Hallmarks as potential intervention points (mitochondria, parabiosis, , thymus regeneration, NAD precursors)

  • Senescence - what it is, why it’s a problem, how we might target it all the animal work

  • RNA manipulation as a way to influence senescence.

​5pm - 6pm: Networking


This Course is Suitable For:

  • General Public​

  • non-biologist Engineers and non-engineer Biologists

  • People who Interact with AI engineers and Biotech Scientists– Marketing, HR, Finance

  • Venture Capitalists​

  • People who Work for an AI or Biotech Company but are not in an AI or Bio Implementation Function​

  • Policy Makers, Strategists, Entrepreneurs who want to build AI and Healthcare Products and Want to Understand the Potential and Limitations

  • AI Engineers and BioEngineers who Want to Learn how to Explain AI and Biology in Simple Terms to their Colleagues and be Exposed to Wider AI and Biology Concepts and Tools


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