These ONLINE webinars will feature masterclass lecturers who are leaders in the longevity space. This will be a highly curated set of talks, in masterclass format, starting from basics and going to cutting edge theories. 

Masterclass Lecturers:

  • Dr. Ronjon Nag, Founder of R42 Institute, Interdisciplinary Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow, founded and advisor of AI and Biotech companies. Has sold companies to Motorola, BlackBerry and Apple.

  • Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine.

  • Professor Harold Katcher, Professor of Biology, University of Maryland, Co-Founder of Nugenics Research, an India-based start-up created to commercialise Elixir for human use.

  • Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano, Assistant Professor (Research) of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology), Stanford Medicine, Stanford University, Co-Founder & Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Turn Biotechnologies.

  • Dr. Alessandra Zonari and Dr. Carolina Reis Oliveira, Co-Founders of OneSkin Technologies



  • September 30, 10am-12pm PT: Lecture 1 - Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, Clinical Applications of Deep Biomarkers of Human Aging in Longevity Medicine and Psychology

  • October 21, 10am-12pm PT: Lecture 2 - Dr. Harold Katcher, What 'Elixir' Tells Us About Aging 

  • November 4, 10am-12pm PT: Lecture 3 - Dr. Alessandra Zonari and Dr. Carolina Reis Oliveira, Harnessing the Biology of Aging for a New Generation of Topical Products Focusing on Promoting Skin Health

  • November 25, 10am-12pm PT: Lecture 4 - Dr. Ronjon Nag, Founder of R42 Institute 

  • December 16, 10am-12pm PT: Lecture 5 - Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano, History and Current Applications of Epigenetic Reprogramming of Aging 

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