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Dr. Sohila Zadran


Dr. Sohila Zadran completed her undergraduate studies in Molecular Cell Biology and Neurobiology at UC Berkeley, and her doctoral studies in Neuroscience and Neuro-engineering at the age of 23. She subsequently completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Systems Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Computational Modeling at the California Institute of Technology as a National Institute of Health fellow.


By the age of 25, Dr. Zadran had published over a dozen first-author publications in leading scientific journals in the field of genomics, cancer biology, neurobiology, systems biology, cancer stem cells, and computational modeling of cell state transitions. By the age of 30, she had founded three biotech and digital health companies, one of which was in partnership with the California Institute of Quantitative Biology (qb3), the Johnson and Johnson Innovation Centers (Janssen Labs), and one in partnership with the Fogarty Institute of Innovation.


Dr. Zadran currently serves as an advisor to several biotech, digital health companies and several Silicon Valley accelerators including UC Berkeley's accelerator Skydeck and qb3. She has also worked for leading Venture Capital firms, including BCG Digital Ventures, Strawberry Creek Ventures Fund and Khosla Ventures, totalling over 50+ deals across stage and sector. 

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