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Ronjon Nag

Managing Director and Founder

Professor Ronjon Nag is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is an Adjunct Professor in Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine, becoming a Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow in 2016.  He is a founder and advisor/board member of multiple start-ups. His companies have been sold to Apple, BlackBerry, and Motorola. More recently he has worked on the intersection of AI and Biology. He has been awarded the Mountbatten Medal in the Royal Institution by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and has been winner (as Chairman of Bounce Imaging) of the $1m Verizon Powerful Answers Award. He has been a pioneer of smartphones and the 'app stores' they depend on. He  was awarded the 2021 IEEE-SCV Outstanding Engineer Award and the 2021 IEEE-USA Leader in Entrepreneurship Spirit Award.

Professor Nag has a Ph.D from Cambridge, an M.S from M.I.T and a B.Sc. from Birmingham in the UK, and is an Adjunct Professor in Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Major Achivements

1. First laptop with speech recognition built-in (with Apricot, 1984)

2. First selling cursive handwriting recognition (with Lexicus, 1991)

3. First speech recognition phones (with Lexicus/Motorola, 1996)

4. First large-vocab Chinese speech recognition (with Lexicus/Motorola, 1996)

5. First Chinese predictive text system on a phone (Lexicus/Motorola, 1997)

6. First predictive text systems  on Motorola phones, (Lexicus/Motorola, 1997

7. First touch screen phone with handwriting recognition (Lexicus/Motorola, 1999)

8. First combined mobile search engine and directory (with Cellmania, 2000)

9. First private label downloadable operator billable apps store (Cellmania, 2000)

10. First BlackBerry Operator Billing apps store (Cellmania,2010)

11. First Neural Network AI System in the Cloud (Ersatz Labs, 2014)

12. First Throwable 360 Ball Camera (Bounce Imaging, 2015)

13. First Android powered smart light switch (Brightswitch 2017)

14. First continuous blood pressure wearable (GTCardio 2020)

15. First AutoML Drag and Drop Bioinformatics Platform ( 2021)

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