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About R42

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Seasoned Expertise In AI And Science

R42 was established out of the interests of Dr. Ronjon Nag, a seasoned entrepreneur and AI pioneer who cofounded and advised companies that were sold to Motorola, BlackBerry and Apple. With his family office and his high powered team of seasoned scientific advisors, R42 can provide a swat team in a box to supercharge both early stage companies, and project teams in established companies to change the world..

His goal is to work with both early stage ideas and established corporations to develop deep tech products. Assistance can be provided in the form of commissioned advisory services for established companies, and seed investment in early stage companies.

Early Stage Companies

We help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies, and have done so with some 50 companies. 
We will work at the earliest stages when its just an idea with no team, to existing early stage teams. We lead, and invest early 
and/or will work with companies to develop product and positioining to be able to get larger financing. 

Companies receive personal guidance from the very first stages, and are provided with all the resources and expert advice they need from our expert advisors.

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